What's coming in Level 3

Small drips matter too

With many gigabytes being dripped per minute, the current Memory Dripping Activity chart barely shows your few bytes/kilobytes of drips. However, each little drip counts! 

We are adding new gadgets to help you track and visualize that even your small drips count against the sea of huge drips.

More Multiplayer

More co-operative gameplay. Your drips wont just increase the global score but will unlock more in-game goodies for the whole community.

JVMs become more fun

Currently dripping a JVM is a one shot trick. You get one big drip and thats it. Moving forward, you will have to keep those JVMs connected. The longer they are connected and the more of them, the more rewards you reap.  

That said, dripping a JVM is not compulsory and a determined player can still reach the top of the leaderboard without it. In fact the new set of gadgets/powerups will allow this more than ever.

Less Cheating

We never thought DripStat would become so popular and so many people would start hacking our code and pounding our servers. We didn’t built the game with security in mind.  This has caused a ton of issues with our cheat detection preventing big drips or leaderboards not updating. However, we have tightened our backend and will be deploying a whole new architecture with security first in mind to avoid this whole set of issues.

More Powerups/Upgrades

This one is obvious. We will also continue to balance the existing powerups as the game proceeds.

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone for playing DripStat and using our APM service. Its been only 2 weeks since we released and we never, ever thought it would get so popular!

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