State of TypeScript 1.6 support in IDEs

TypeScript 1.6 beta was recently released with the long awaited support for ReactJS in the form of JSX (TSX) support. Lets see how well existing IDEs and editors support it as of now:


Webstorm 10 sits right at bottom with no support for TypeScript 1.6 at all.

.tsx file support

Not recognized at all

tsconfig.json support


Build on Save

Works in general, but not for .tsx files since they are not recognized at all.

It seems you will only be able to use TypeScript 1.6 from WebStorm 11 onwards. Since we don't know when that will be out, for now WebStorm users will have to look for alternatives.

Sublime Text##

Microsoft has an official plugin for Sublime Text.

.tsx file support

Recognized and syntax highlighted. However, code completion and other TypeScript related features still don't work inside .tsx files.

tsconfig.json support

While the plugin docs say that tsconfig.json is recognized, since .tsx files didn't surface any typescript specific functionality, it was tough to say whether this was working at all or not.

Build on Save

The plugin itself does not offer this functionality out of the box. You will manually need to configure a file watcher using tools like grunt or gulp.

Visual Studio Code##

The situation here seems to be exactly the same as Sublime Text. Perhaps its because both the plugins are maintained by Microsoft.

So here too, while .tsx files are recognized, no code completion, etc is available inside them. Neither is a build on Save feature available out of the box.

Visual Studio 2015##

Considering Visual Studio 2015 is Microsoft's hallmark, heavyweight IDE, I was expecting the TypeScript support to be absolutely top notch here. Alas that is not the case:

.tsx file support

Recognized and syntax highlighted. While code completion is technically supposed to work, since it couldn't read my tsconfig.json file as described below, it kept thinking my project was full of errors.

tsconfig.json support

No. Try as I might, I couldn't get Visual Studio to recognize my tsconfig.json file as the one to read settings from.

Build on Save


While a little bit better than other IDEs so far, it is disappointing that even Visual Studio 2015 does not fully support TypeScript 1.6 yet. This is combined with the fact that you need to create a full 'Visual Studio project' to even open your source code folder inside Visual Studio. Not to mention no support for tools like Gulp or Grunt.


The winner!

.tsx file support

Yes. Full support, including code completion and all the other features.

tsconfig.json support

Yes. Full support. Even points out when a file in use is not mentioned inside the tsconfig.json file.

Build on Save

Yes. No extra configuration required.

Atom turns out to be the surprise winner here. Its TypeScript support is absolutely top notch and beats out all the rest.


The atom-typescript plugin is the work of a couple of indie developers, who work on it in their free time. They have managed to create the best and most up-to-date TypeScript plugin. This is in contrast to the lackluster plugins made by Microsoft and Jetbrains, where people are paid to work on them professionally full time.

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