Regarding the JVM drip issue

As some people have noticed a bunch of people have gained higher scores on dripstat already by dripping a bunch of large jvms in a short time.

Obviously this seems a bit unfair. But we will be resolving this shortly,

JVMs will have to remain connected

A JVM once connected to DripStat, wil only drip an percentageof the heap size every hour. So for a jvm to drip even any amount at all it will have to remain connected for atleast one hour. If the jvm disconnects, it will stop dripping. 

This means you cant just connect and disconnect a jvm to gain points.

Drip happens in small portions

Instead of dripping the whole heap size, a small percentage of the heap will drip every hour.

JVM Drip Visualization

We have a cool gadget in the making that will let you see how all your connected jvms are dripping.


The above measure will solve the issue of the current carpet bombing of jvms.

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