On the issue of resetting scores

There seems be a bit of rage about us resetting scores at the beginning of each levels. Let me take this opportunity to address this and explain why this is important to keep the gameplay fair and fun.

All games have some sort of spend/reset mechanic. 

1. For RTS games, this is very common. Cross one level of Command & Conquer and in the next one you have to rebuild your base from scratch. This seems normal because of course if you continued your fully loaded base from the previous level you will instantly beat the next level, making it no fun at all.

2. In FPS games, if all the bullets/grenades you acquired were never marked as ‘spent’ each time you shot/threw them, you will just go on acquiring like a million bullets and again the game wont be fun or fair. So even though you 'think’ you are progressing in the game, there is always 'things’ being spent to 'reset’ your powers.

3. In RPG games, many items/spells you acquire can be used only once or a limited number of times before you have to re-purchase them.

Without some way to reset/spend your powers, you will just keep growing exponentially stronger and the game will stop being fun. Especially in a MMO game where the newcomers will never stand a chance to beat the older players.

Why reset DripStat scores?

In DripStat, there is no fundamental 'spend’ mechanic. The powerups you acquire remain with you and your bps keep growing and growing, There is nothing that lowers that bps. That’s why you see some players dripping gigs while others are stuck on bytes.

Thus to balance the game, we have to reset it, RTS style, at the begining of each level. As we move forward and evolve the gameplay, we will put in a spending mechanic that will not require us to do a hard reset. But for now we already have a lot of changes in coming in Level 3.

Also, remember this time you have to drip a 100 Petabytes! That’s a large number. Once we release all the features of Level 3, you will notice that you will have to change your strategy of how you go about acquiring those powerups and how you play the game. Its a new level, with new powerups, gadgets and new strategies. So it really makes no sense to continue with the same set of scores you had in level 2. After all we want the game to be fair and fun!

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