On the issue of large drips

Ok, we know some of you are mad that large drips don’t go through. Its especially annoying if you have been collecting it overnight or for days.

First off, accept our apologies.

Our servers have been under constant attack by cheaters since we launched the game. Since we never anticipated so many people playing, we never built in good security in our backend.

So with the huge onslaught of traffic, we have been doing whatever we can on our end to keep the game going while we build a secure architecture in place. Sometimes that has involved putting hardcoded limits and sometimes our detection algorithms have been buggy. Its not an ideal situation but its better than the game going down every couple hours.

In level 3, as we have promised we will deploy a secure backend that will rid us of these issues and allow people to play without bugs/limits.

How important is the game to us? Is it just an ad for the APM?

The game is very important to us. It is not just an ad. We see the game and APM service complementing each other. We created DripStat knowing that business tools/apm tools are boring by their very nature. We wanted to inject some fun into software. So we tied what is traditionally a devops tool with a fun, casual game. Note the word ‘tied’. Its not just an ad. DripStat the game is as much a part of DripStat as DripStat the APM service. In fact, so far we have spent much more resources, both engineering and server capacity, on the game than we have on the APM side. 

We know you care about the game, your scores and your progress. And frankly, we do too. We want to ensure the best possible in-game experience for everyone and we want you to do those large 70/80/100 GB drips.  

Currently we have put all our resources behind getting out the secure backend of the game, and we are all hands on deck to get everything out for Level 3.

Keep Dripping. We care about about your drips.

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