Introducing lower 'Per Base Host' APM pricing for Docker based workloads

Starting today, you are now charged only for the base host running the docker container, and not 'per container' as previously.  Thus you get true 'per host' billing!

This means you can run unlimited containers per host and still be charged just once based on the size of the underlying host. This will result in highly reduced bills for a lot of folks, almost an order of magnitude lower.

For example:

You have a 'Large' host on which you are running 50 containers using 512MB ram each.

Previously, you would be charged:
50 containers *$40 (price of Small host) = $2,000

Now, you are charged:
1 host * $120 (price of Large underlying host) = $120

That $2k bill is now just $120!

To make sure you can take advantage of the lower billing:

  1. Update you Java APM agent to 11.2.0 (or higher)
  2. Follow the instructions here to configure your deployments to ensure you get true 'per host' billing.
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