New graphs and tons more detail

We have a lot more fully dynamic graphs to allow you to see tons more detail. Currently these are available for the global 'External Services' tab which is powered by DripStat EXPLORE.

1. Scalability Report##

The Scalability Report plots the response time against the throughput. It allows you to see how a particular service scales as throughput is increased or decreased.

The color of each dot in the graph corresponds to the hour of the day it represents.

Remember this is a fully dynamic chart. You can change the time range and selected applications and watch the chart update instantly!

##2. Trends##

The Trends tab will show a trend of how a particular service's metrics changed over time.

2.1 Day of Week Trend##

This aggregates past 90 days of data and shows how a service behaves on a particular day of week.

2.2 Time of Day Trend##

Similar to Day of Week Trend, this shows how a Service behaves on time of day.

Both Day of Week and Time of Day use the timezone of your current browser for day/time calculations. These charts are fully dynamic too. Change the selected applications and you will see all trends graph change values!

##3. New 'Relative to Average' Chart## A lot of times when looking at a timeline graph, we really want to see how a value changes over time. To make this easier, the 'Overview' tab has a new 'Relative to Average' chart type. This shows the same data but now its relative to the average value.

##4. General chart improvemnts##

Charts are now bigger in size. Where sensible, the graph no longer starts at 0. This makes it easier to see the relative change over time.

##What's Next##

The current improvements are all available in the 'External Services' tab at the very top. We will be bringing these changes to the rest of the DripStat UI very soon.

Remember if you don't have an account or have a non-pro account, you can still check this out in the 'Live Demo' area!

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