More details for Database and External Services

We have added more detail to all the global views powered by DripStat EXPLORE. This includes:

  • Databases
  • External Services
  • AWS

Overview Panel

An 'overview' panel is shown when you click on any of these tabs.

It will show you timeline charts of the 'Top 5' of the metrics sorted by 'Time Consumed' and by 'Throughput'.

Database Operations

In addition, if you view a database you will also now see response time and throughputs for just the individual operations.

(This doesn't apply to databases which don't have a corresponding table/collection that we record, eg - Redis).

This is huge! It allows you to see instantly at a glance how many operations your database server is getting hit with. For example, you want to see how many INSERT statements your database is processing in total and whats the avg response time? Now you know instantly!

Slow Queries

The global Database tab now also shows 'Slow Queries' for SQL and Cassandra.

Clicking on a query will show the full query (with values obfuscated) and the entire stack trace of the calling method.

As always, all these views are fully dynamic. Changing a filter at the top will change the data in all the graphs instantly!

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