Monitor GC Pauses with DripStat

Java Garbage Collector pauses have always been a big issue. Dealing with them usually requires starting your JVM with a whole bunch of flags to output the info to a log file, and then later on analyzing that (huge) log file manually.

With the new GC Pause monitoring feature in DripStat Agent 6.1.8, all that changes now!

How it works

In the JVMs tab, you will now see a GC Pauses chart.

Total Time Spent 

Shows the total time spent in GC during this time period.

Max GC Pause

The max time spent in a single GC Pause during this time period.


The total number of GC Pauses during this time period.

Note that the Total Time Spent and Max GC Pause are on a single ‘stacked column’ chart.


Lets say you have:

Total Time Spent = 900ms
Max GC Pause = 600ms
Count = 20

What this tells you is that:

Out of the 900ms that were spent in GC, 600ms of those were spent in a single GC Pause. The remaining 300ms were spent in 19 ( = 20 - 1) GC Pauses. So you had 1 big pause, followed by lots of smaller pauses.

This is extremely useful information if you are trying to optimize your GC for throughput or latency.

Next Steps

Update your agent to 6.1.8 to see this info. This feature will only work on JVMs version 7 or higher.

Check out the Live Demo to see the GC Pause graph in action!

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