JVM Dripping updated to be more fun and stop cheaters

Earlier this week a bunch of cheaters carpet created a ton of accounts to carpet bomb DripStat by continuously dripping JVMs. Since we allowed the entire heap to be dripped on connection, they were able to do that.

As we promised earlier, we have updated the ‘Drip JVM’ feature with 2 things in mind:

  1. Make it more fun
  2. Stop cheating

The new game rules for Dripping a JVM are:

  1. The JVM will drip 5% of the max heap size every hour.
  2. The JVM needs to remain connected to continue dripping
    This means at the minimum, your JVM needs to be connected for atleast 1 hr to drip anything at all. This will prevent cheaters who carpet bomb us by connecting and then immediately disconnecting JVMs. If you disconnect a JVM, then the 'hour’ restarts when it connects next.
  3. This also means you can drip a lot more than just the max heap size of your JVM! In the old rules, dripping a JVM was a one time shot where it just looked at your heap size once. Now, since your jvm is continuously dripping every hour, you can keep it connected and it will continue dripping forever every hour.  This means a lot more fun!


As an example, a JVM with a max heap size (-Xmx) of 1gb will drip 50mb (5% of 1gb) every hour. Note that this does not stop after 1gb is reached, so you can keep the JVM connected and it continues dripping 50mb hour after hour.

We will soon be releasing a new in game gadget to help you visualize the jvm dripping better with stats and timers on the next drip from your connected jvms.

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