Is Eclipe JDT dying?

Eclipse JDT is the Java IDE portion of Eclipse.

1. Almost no commit activity###

The JDT Project Page shows almost no commit activity.

As can be seen above, there were only 5 commits total in August. No commits in September so far..

The subprojects show a tiny bit more activity, but even here its a downward slope.

JDT UI had just 14 commits last in August and only 7 in September so far.

JDT Debug is worse. Only 2 commits in August and 1 in September.

2. No updates in Eclipse Neon so far###

The M1 and M2 New and Noteworthy show nothing new for JDT.

3. Empty mailing lists###

The JDT UI dev mailing list has only 2 mails posted in the month of September.

4. Website not updated in years###

The website for the various JDT subprojects seems to have not been updated in years. For example, the JDT UI website still shows data from almost 3 years ago.

It still talks about the 'new Java 7 features' and 'upcoming release 4.4' plans.

The JDT Debug site lists version 4.2.0 released in 2012 as the 'Latest' release.


It is sad to see Eclipse JDT in this state. A few years ago it was the best Java IDE out there. It is unclear whether its current state is due to lack of funding or other factors.

Based on request by Mike Milinkovich, the director of Eclipse foundation, here is a link to JDT Core Stats. Even there, only 15 commits are shown for all of September though...

Update 2

Some people think we posted false screenshots. We have already linked to the pages from which we got the screenshots above. But we will post it again here in case they are (hopefully) updated by Eclipse foundation in future:

Commit Stats

New and Noteworthy

JDT UI Dev mailing list

JDT UI Website

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