Invoicing improvements

A lot of our customers, especially in the EU have been asking us for a more comprehensive invoice with things like Billing address, VAT ID, etc listed.

Today we have pushed out some features to help with that.

Detailed Invoice

We will still send out a receipt via Stripe to your email, which will be the same as what you have been receiving so far.

However, in the DripStat console you can now see a full invoice generated by us containing all the relevant details.

Billing Address and VAT ID

In the 'Billing' Tab you can now enter your Billing Address and optionally a VAT ID.

The information entered here will be what is shown on the above invoice.

Viewing new invoices

In 'Account' > 'Billing' tab, click on 'Previous Invoices'

You will get a list of past invoices. The new 'Invoice' link will take you to the new generated invoice.

The Billing Address and VAT ID are stored with the invoice when it is created. So invoices generated before today won't have them.

Make sure you input your Billing Address and VAT ID (if applicable), so they show up on your next invoice.

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