Introducing Xtreme Detail for Transactions

Showing the reponse time of your transactions, broken down by various segments is arguably one of the most important features of an APM.

Until now we only showed you a limited amount of segments in the graph (9 to be exact). If there were more, we would collapse them all into a Java/Other segment. This of course means some of the detail is lost, specifically whatever was beneath that Other section.


Xtreme Detail chart

Today we are announcing Xtreme Detail charts.

Segment chart is to Xtreme Detail chart
Regular Theatre is to IMAX

These are ginormous charts showing 100% of the segments! No more collapsing under Other.


Of course, like any chart in DripStat, you can hide/show individual layers to zoom in on the ones you care about.


Xtreme Detail charts are available now in your accounts. Go check them out!

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