Introducing the new Errors view

Today we are introducing a brand new global 'Errors' view powered by our DripStat EXPLORE technology.

The 'Errors' tab at the top will show you all the uncaught exceptions throughout your account. Note that these are fully dynamic views, so changing filters at the top will change all the data shown.

Overview Panel

The overview panel show the applications with the highest error rates.
It even shows a timeline view of the top exceptions thrown.

Exception Details

Clicking an exception on the left will show you more details. It will show a timeline graph showing Errors Per Minute (EPM), broken down by application.

You can even view the entire stacktrace on a per app basis.


Hope you find this view useful. Check it out in Live Demo area if you don't have a Pro Account.

Note that we started collecting data for this view from this Sunday (May 15), so you wont be able to see data before that date.

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