Introducing the new Dripstat Server Monitoring

Today we are introducing the next generation of Server Monitoring. It is available to all users right now. Here are some of the highlights.

2 second resolution - See it as it happens!

We are bringing our 2 second resolution metrics to Server Monitoring. At this resolution, you can now take an action on your server, and see the results on the dashboard as it happens, in near real time.

In the video below we add load to our server and see how the dashboard updates  in near real time!

AWS support

AWS EC2 metadata is now a first class citizen. You can filter hosts by AWS region, zone, instance size, etc. Individual cards shows you the host count for each of those properties, eg number of hosts in each zone.

Host Metrics

Metrics have been redesigned to allow you to filter and select individual hosts. The table at the bottom shows you a summary of each host's metrics


The Storage view lets you monitor the storage of your entire infrastructure from a single view.


The process view allows you to monitor individual processes in your infrastructure.

Upgrade your Dripstat Infra agents now to get all the above features!

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