Introducing the new DripStat Alerts system

As larger enterprises continue to use DripStat, we needed to overhaul our Alerts System to meet their needs. The Alerts system releasing today, allows you to:

1. Central place to manage everything

Just click on the 'Alerts' Tab at the very top. From here you can manage and view everything related to alerts across all your systems.

2. Alert Policies that span across Applications

All the rules and events are now grouped into 'Alert Policies'. For example, you can define different policies for 'Production' systems and 'Dev' systems.

3. Flexibility in choosing thresholds

For every metric, now you can define:

  1. The warning and critical thresholds
  2. The duration after which each is opened/closed.
  3. Target across multiple applications

4. See all Violations across Systems

The 'Violations' tab inside a policy will show you all the violation events across applications.

5. Incidents that group related events

'Incidents' automatically group individual violations. They are created when a 'Critical' level violation is opened. All Critical violations opened from that point are grouped into that Incident. When they all close, the Incident is closed too.

Thus, looking into an Incident you can see all the various violations that caused it to occur, grouped together.

6. Reduce Notification Fatigue

You are only notified when an incident starts and when it stops. You are not notified for every single violation within it. This way you don't get flooded with notifications when something goes wrong with your system.

7. Multiple Notification Channels

Now you can be notified over the Notification Channel of your choosing.
Update: PagerDuty & Slack integration is now available!

As of writing this, we only support the 'Email' channel. However, later this week we will be rolling out integrations with PagerDuty, Slack and more. This will allow you to be notified on the channels you choose.


We will be rolling out improvements to the new Alert System very fast. Keep your feedback coming, it helps guide us.

The old alerts system will soon be retired. We have written a short Migration Guide to help you transition over.

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