Introducing new 'Limited Access' user role

Today we are releasing a new type of User Role: Limited Access.

This role has essentially 'read only' access to your account. This is very helpful to allow access to DripStat to everyone in your organization without fear that they will delete any application or modify any settings.

Here is the 'Application Settings' panel, seen as a:

Standard User -

Limited Access User -

Here is a 'Limited Access' user trying to delete a tag:

The only 'modification' a Limited Access user can do is:

  • 'Acknowledge' Alerts
  • 'Pin' Transactions (though they cannot 'Unpin')

We believe this is needed to allow people to fully use DripStat. Also it is very safe since no data can be removed by user.

Here is a documentation page showing the various user roles and permissions.

Our Live Demo area is now under the login of a 'Limited Access' user. Playing with it will give you an idea of the restrictions this role has,.

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