Introducing APM v2 Preview with Java 11 support

We have working long and hard behind the scenes on an all new, industry redefining APM experience. Today, we are excited to take the wraps off it.

2 second resolution

Every single metrics in the new APM is collected at a 2 second resolution. This means every single dashboard shows realtime information. Interact with your app and see the charts move in real time!

Java 11 support

Java 11 and later is now fully supported.

Here is a graph of an application running across 12 instances, on Java 11, refreshing in real time:

This is simply the tip of the iceberg. In the upcoming days, we will be revealing more of the amazing features that you haven't seen in any APM out there.

You can contact support to enroll in the preview program. Typically our preview periods are fairly short, so APM v2 should be available to everyone very soon.

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