Introducing Maintenance Mode

A lot of times our applications need to be taken down for maintenance. It could be as simple as deploying an updated version, or things like performing upgrades on the server, database etc. The new 'Maintenance Mode' feature in DripStat makes this easier.

You can start/stop Maintenance for an application using just curl and calling our REST API for Maintenance.

When you put an application in DripStat in 'Maintenance Mode':

1. Alerts are muted

  • All currently open alert violations for that app are closed.
  • No new violations are generated for that app.
  • Once maintenance is complete, new violations only consider time period after the end of maintenance period.

2. UI Indicator in application list

Application list will show special indication to mark application as 'Under Maintenance'.

3. Bands in graphs

Application Overview graph will show special 'blue bands' to mark the period of maintenance.

Above you can see a deployment marker along with a band showing a maintenance period during that time.

4. Maintenance Log

Going to Alerts > Maintenances shows you a detailed log of your Maintenance activities.


The new 'Maintenance Mode' feature in DripStat takes care of properly muting alerts while your application is undergoing maintenance. The UI indicators easily communicate the Maintenance status of application to other team members. The detailed Maintenance log allows everyone to see when, by whom and for what reason the Maintenance was done.

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