Introducing lower cost DripStat APM 'Puppy' Edition

Our competition has recently started offering a lower priced, very barebones APM product. We noticed organizations adopting it simply because it was labelled 'APM' and it was extremely cheap, thus filling the tickbox APM feature in their monitoring purchase.

Unfortunately the features offered in said barebones APM are so little that they barely scratch the surface of the insight and productivity a full fledged APM product like DripStat can offer. That said, some organizations indeed only had a small budget and having some visibility into their applications at all at a cheaper price was better than none.

We have decided to offer DripStat 'Puppy' Edition today with lower pricing than our competitor and more features.

DripStat Puppy Pricing

0.05/hr per host = ~$35/month per host
Any size host
Unlimited containers per host

Features Demo:

For comparison, you can see what features are in the Pro version only:

Pricing comparison


APM Monthly Pricing: $36/month per host
+ Trace pricing: $1.27 per million
+ Infra Agent pricing: $18/host (this is required)
+ Additional container pricing past 10 containers per host: $1 per container

Pricing is paid monthly in advance

DripStat APM 'Puppy'

$0.05/hr per host = $35/month per host.

  • Unlimited containers
  • No separate charge for Traces
  • DripStat Infra is Free and not required to use DripStat APM
  • Pay as you go pricing. No need to talk to sales.

As you can see while the competition advertises a certain price in their pricing page, it quickly adds up to be a lot more in practice. Lets see how this pricing structure results in total cost in real life scenario.

Price for monitoring a large host running 20 containers


$36 (APM) + $18 (Infra) + $10 (10 additional containers) + $3.50 (assuming 3 million traces conservatively)

Total Cost = $67.50

DripStat 'Puppy'

Total Cost = $35
Includes unlimited containers, traces and free Infrastructure monitoring.


DripStat 'Puppy' is half the price of Competition, offering more features.

So if you are on a tight budget, and still want some insights into your Applications, DripStat 'Puppy' is now the best offering on the market.

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