Introducing 'Live' Dashboard - Per Second Metrics in Realtime

Today we are setting a new milestone for APM. The 'Live' Dashboard allows you to see second-level metrics in realtime!

Metrics come in streaming at a 2 second granularity. No more hitting refresh to see latest data.

The 'Live' Dashboard shows the following metrics:

  1. Response Time - Overall for App, broken down by Layer
  2. Throughput and Error Rate - Overall for App
  3. Response Time - Per JVM
  4. Throughput - Per JVM
  5. Error Count - Per JVM
  6. Used Heap Size - Per JVM
  7. CPU Usage - Per JVM
  8. GC Pause Time - Per JVM

The difference 'Per Second' granularity makes

Here is a Throughput chart at Minute level granularity. It looks like a smooth graph with even throughput.

However, looking at the same data at a Second level granularity, we see that the Throughput really spikes at the tick of the minute and is mostly pretty low throughout the minute.

Where to see Live Metrics in the UI?

Click on an Application, then click on the 'Live' tab.

How to enable Live metrics for my apps?

Upgrade your DripStat Agent to 9.0.
Thats it.

Note that this will work on Java 7 and higher only. Read documentation for full system requirements.

I want to see it like right now!

Head to the 'Live Demo' area to check it out.

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