Introducing Inventory Management

How your system is configured can have a big impact on its performance. Today we are launching the 'Inventory' feature in DripStat to give you an unprecedented level of detail into your infastructure's inventory.

The Inventory tab in DripStat helps you answer questions like:

  • What versions of the Linux Kernel am I running across my infrastrucutre?
  • What are the hosts running each of those kernel version?
  • What packages are installed across my infrastructure? Show me the version and the corresponding hosts on which each of those versions is installed.
  • What kernel modules are installed?
  • What are the settings of my kernel?

All of these questions return an answer spanning the entirety of your infrastructure and can show can the individual hosts for each of the distinct values.

DripStat Inventory page

Upgrade your DripStat Infra to version 2.0 see this feature in action. Remember DripStat Infra is 100% FREE, so there is no reason not to have this visibility.

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