Introducing DripStat Infrastructure Monitoring

While Application Monitoring (APM) does a great job of showing you code level stats, one still needs to see system level stats like CPU, Memory, Disk, etc. We are launching DripStat Infrastructure Monitoring to allow you to get the most detailed 360 degree view of your systems.

Slice and Dice, with a unified dynamic interface

DripStat EXPLORE technology allows you to Slice n Dice through data in real time. We designed the entire Infrastructure Monitoring experience with this in mind.

Infrastructure Monitoring exposes a single unified interface that dynamically adapts itself as you view details of single or multiple servers. The result is an experience that is extremely intuitive and fluid.

How it works

1 - Select the category of data you want to view.

2 - Select the hosts you want to view the data for.

1 - Single Host View

If you select a single host, a set of highly detailed graphs for that host is presented.

2 - Multiple Host View

If you select multiple hosts, the graphs change to allow you to easily compare the stats across multiple hosts.

Another example is the 'Disks' tab. Selecting a single host shows data on a per disk basis for that host.

Selecting multiple hosts however, changes the stats shown to aggregate of all the disks connected to each host. This allows you to easily compare various disk stats across those hosts.


We will soon have plugins for all kinds of individual infrastructure components, eg Redis, Kafka, SQL, etc, to allow you to view detailed system level stats of each of your components. These will be maintained and supported directly by us.

Join the Preview

Today we are announcing the Preview of Infrastructure Monitoring. Infrastructure Monitoring will be priced and sold separately from the DripStat APM product. The final release should be around the end of this month.

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