Introducing DripStat EXPLORE: Next Generation of APM

With DripStat EXPLORE technology we are now bringing the power of Next-Gen Realtime Analytics to APM.

So far APMs have been stuck with pre-defined views of your data. For example, you could only see your metrics on a per application basis uptill now. This meant your data was essentially stuck in silos.

With EXPLORE, you can:

  1. See all your performance data across your entire infrastructure as a whole and slice and dice it as you need.

  2. Query over the full 90 day period, across your entire account, and still have results within a second.

  3. The graphs are generated instantly dynamically for the query you performed.

Everytime you see a graph powered by EXPLORE, you are querying across all data in DripStat that very second.

To show you the power of EXPLORE, we are launching the first of many upcoming features powered by it:

See External Service and Micro-Service calls across your account##

Click the 'External Services' tab on the top bar.

This view shows your the External Service calls across your entire account.

You can filter the view by selecting just the apps you want to see data of. For example, you can see external service calls of your entire production environment.

Upon selecting an External Service, the 'Overview' Tab shows response time, throughputs and top calling Applications.

The 'Throughput' graph is broken down by Application. It even shows the total number of calls made. So for example, if you want to see exactly how many calls you made to AWS S3 over a month, now you can tell instantly.

Clicking on the 'Per App' view shows the data individually for each app.

If you use Micro-Services, this view makes it much easier to see across your infrastructure which service talks to what.

Lots more coming##

You will soon also be able to query database calls across your entire account.

All this is but a small portion of what we can do with DripStat EXPLORE. We will be bringing a lot more functionality very soon.

Check it out now##

If you have a Pro account, this is already live. For non-Pro users, you can check out the Live Demo area to play with this feature.

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