Introducing DripStat Agent 8

This is the biggest update to the DripStat Agent yet. We have added support for many new data sources and enhanced support for existing ones.

AWS SDK support

Special support for AWS APIs has been added. Now DripStat can identify each AWS service you use, including individual operations to it. Currently supported AWS services:

  • S3
  • SQS
  • SNS
  • SES
  • Kinesis
  • DynamoDB

All views will now show time spent in each service as separate segments.

A global 'AWS' tab has been added.

It shows all the AWS services used by your entire account. For each service, you can see individual operation level detail across all your applications.


Riak is now fully supported.


ElasticSearch support has been enhanced. Statement level metrics are now available.

If your app uses ElastiSearch, a separate 'ElasticSearch' tab will now be shown to allow you to see statement level metrics. The global 'Databases' tab will also list 'ElasticSearch' as a database.


Cassandra support has been fully rewritten. It is much more accurate in determining the type of CQL statement. Slow CQL queries are now recorded.

You will see a 'Slow queries' tab for Cassandra which will show you the slowest queries for the application.

Each query will show the full stack trace so you can pinpoint the line of code that called it.

###JMS and Messaging

Added support for :

  • RabbitMQ
  • Spring AMQP
  • JMS

###Next Steps:
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