Introducing AWS EC2 Tag support

AWS EC2 instances have this annoying property that the hostname of the instance is set to their internal ip instead of a human friendly name. To mitigate this, AWS allows you to 'tag' your instances with a name. By convention the value of Name tag is shown as the instance name in the EC2 console.

Today we are adding support for EC2 tags inside Dripstat. This results in:

Filter instances by tags

Tables show the value of Name tag

Before enabling Tag support:


If multiple hosts have the same name, we show the instance ids next to them to allow you to differentiate:

Charts show Name tag

Before tags:

After tags:

How to enable it?

  1. Upgrade Dripstat Infra agent to version 6.2 released today
  2. Add the 'AWS' Integration by clicking on the 'Add' button at the top of the new dashboard

Why is the AWS Integration needed?

The AWS Instance Metadata API unfortuantely does not contain the instance tags. Thus we need to use a separate integration to pull the tag data.

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