'Insanity' level of detail for Transactions

Transactions are now fully powered by the DripStat EXPLORE technology. There is so much detail now, its insanity!

Currently the data described below is only available for 'Pinned Transactions'. We will be bringing this UI to all the application level views too shortly. For now, just 'Pin' any Transaction to see all the views described below.

'Pinned Txns' has also now moved to the top level menu bar.

1. Slice and Dice at the JVM level

All transaction metrics can be filtered at the individual JVM level now.
Modifying the JVM selection will dynamically change all the data displayed.

###2. Improved charts

Async Calls are now shown directly below the Response Time graph. Charts are also bigger in size now.

'Relative to Average' graphs now available for Transactions too

3. Redesigned Errors View

Errors View has been redesigned. It now even shows the timeline of the top Exceptions thrown by current Transaction.

###4. Redesigned Transaction Traces

The 'Detail' view of Transaction Traces has been redesigned. Its more pleasant to look at and performs better.

5. Trends

'Day of Week' and 'Time of Day' trends shown for each Transaction. They are even broken down by individual layers!

###6. Scalability Graph

Scalability Graph can be seen for every Transaction.

###Next Steps

Go 'Pin' a Transaction to be able to see all insane level of details for it. If you have a non-Pro account, check out the 'Live Demo' area to try this yourself.

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