Improving the Filter UX for Dripstat Infra

Today we significantly improved the UI for filtering in Dripstat Infra dashboard.


Previously we had an individual dropdown per dimension you could filter upon.

While this instantly showed you the dimensions and their filter, it didn't scale. As we kept adding dimensions, the UI was about to take up a whole screen. Not to mention you had to look at all the boxes to see which filters were selected.


The UI is now collapsed to a single bar now. You just have a single dropdown to select the dimension and then type its filterered values.

We even show you the full set of filters below the filter bar.

Another point of confusion was that filters were above the charts, but after filtering the hosts, you needed to select them in the table to see their charts. So we bought the filter bar to the bottom where it is right above the table.

These UX improvements make it more intuitive to use Dripstat Infra.

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