How we will roll out Level 3

Ok, Level 2 got crossed waay earlier than we expected. So we will be rolling out Level 3 in stages. 

1. We are setting the ‘goal’, 100 Petabytes, for Level 4 and letting you continue to drip with your existing powerups. The 100 TB drip from Level 2 carries on!

2. By tomorrow we will add all the new features/gadgets to the game.

3. We will setup a reset point in global score to deploy our security fix. 
Basically on reaching global score X, we will deploy the new secure backend and all individual scores will be reset. Global Progress will be maintained.

If you are worried about the scores being reset:

  1. I repeat that global progress will be maintained. If we decided to say reset after 150 TB has been dripped, that 150 TB will remain dripped after we reset the individual scores.
  2. We reset scores at the begining of each level anyway, we are just delaying it for level 3 since we still have a bit of work to do to complete the secure backend.
  3. The new game mechanics introduced by the new gadgets in level 3 require a reset for the game to be fair.
  4. it will get rid of all the cheaters on the leaderboard who got there by hacking the game.

We expected level to last till atleast monday evening, but things moved way faster than we anticipated in the last 20% of the game. We should still be able to completely deploy level 3 in a couple days.

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