Heap Usage Alerts - No more OutOfMemory exceptions

How many times have you run into the dreaded OutOfMemoryException. It sucks right! And while the JVM does allow you to do a thread dump at the time of Out of Memory, its pretty useless at that point.  What you really want is to know before you are about to run out of memory. That is when you can actually do something about it.

Today we are introducing High Heap Usage Alerts to help you prevent OutOfMemory exceptions for ever!

In the Alerts tab, now you can set it to warn you when the used heap is close to x% of the max heap. By default, we have set it to 95% for all JVMs (and quite frankly at that point, even the GC will start killing you).

This in combination with the High GC alert introduced last week means you never have to worry about your JVM going down without notice.

Note that Heap Usage Alerts are a Pro feature, but since we are in Pro Preview mode, it is available to everyone for now.

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