Has Atlasssian essentially abandoned SourceTree?

SourceTree used to be the best, free and most popular GUI for Git out there. However, it seems that we might have to start looking for an alternative, atleast on Windows.

The last major update to SourceTree for Windows, version 1.6, was in Aug 2014. Since then SourceTree has become completely unusable. Just clicking on a tiny commit will make it freeze.

Its not a matter of higher system requirement either. My PC with 12 cores and 24gb ram freezes when just switching a tab in SourceTree.

The bug SRCTREEWIN-2093 was opened in Aug itself to report this issue to Atlasssian. Since then it has become the highest voted issue for SourceTree.

Atlasssian last replied to that bug in August. So SourceTree has basically been completely unusable on Windows for almost 6 months now. And Atlasssian hasn’t bothered to even update that bug.

Should we assume that Atlasssian has abandoned SourceTree?


The official git website lists some of the other Git GUIs:
The only one I found comparable to SourceTree was SmartGit, but that is a paid GUI.

Hopefully Atlasssian will update SourceTree at some point. Even then though, are we willing to wait another 6 months when another of these bugs happens?

Apparently Steve Streeting, the man behind SourceTree left shortly after the 1.6 release. That explains why SourceTree development has been stagnating.

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