Ginormous update with Lower Prices and Exception Monitoring

Welcome back from holidays, fellow drippers. This is the biggest update to DripStat in like forever!

Per Host Pricing

$20 per JVM Host

Now you pay per host instead of per JVM.
You can run Unlimited JVMs per Host and get the same bill.

Have 100 JVMs running on a single box? It will only cost you $20! Now you have no excuse not to drip every JVM you have.

All existing Pro Accounts have already been upgraded to the new pricing.

But what’s the point of lower pricing if there aint new stuff right?

Error rate and Exception monitoring

A transaction with an unhandled exception will be marked as an error. We will also store the full stack trace of the exception.

  • All Throughput charts now fully integrates the error count of the Transaction/App being viewed.

  • The new Errors tab shows you the error rate of the application.

  • You can even view the stack traces of individual exceptions here.

  • There is also an Error Tab next to each Transaction to see the errors rate and exceptions for that Transaction only.

Detailed JVM Statistics

The JVM tab now shows highly detailed statistics for your JVM.

  • Response Time, Throuhgput and Error Rate for each individual JVM can be seen.

  • Stats for all the memory pools of your JVM are now shown.

Physical Memory

We keep exposing more detail in the Environment Tab.
Now, it also shows the Physical Memory on a box.

Visual Overhaul

  • Stack traces in transaction traces shown in a new syntax highlighted full screen dialog.

  • All pages utilize the full width of the browser window.

Next Steps:

Keep Dripping!

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