Fixing DripStat's crisis

We know there are issues with DripStat currently.

I will list them here and what we are doing to solve this.

1. Cheaters!

This lies at the crux of all the issues. Almost everything you are seeing is a result of our blocks to get rid of cheaters and they catching false positives.

This is our prime priority right now and it will take us atleast 24 hours to get it to a more stable state.

2. Not being able to change name after signing up

This is a bit of a ‘non feature’, in that if you signed up after purchasing the leaderboard upgrade, you wont be able to change your username. We are building in the ui that will let you do that anytime. Expect it go live shortly.

3. Not being able to drip to global.

This is as a result of our cheat detection and false positives there.

We are working on this as I said above. Your drips do count. We will give you an in game bonus and up the score/used global heap once the issue is resolved.

4. Slow game

We just upped our server capacity by 4x, so this should not be an issue.

DripStat SubReddit

Someone has created a DripStat subreddit. We are watching it and we recommend posting issues there so we can discuss them publicly.

Shoutout to cheaters/Scripters

You obviously care about the game. Please mail us your exploit techniques.  This will help us fix the game faster.


In game bonus for everyone who helps us (once we fix the issue)!

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