Fixes for Drip Memory and Leaderboard and Some Explanations

Was there a bug with the dripping system? Is it fixed?

Yes and yes. We just talked with the Firebase team and have fixed the portion of our code that was causing your drips to not update the global score and/or leaderboard.

From this point on, if your drips dont show up:

  1. Our system has probably flagged you for cheating for using autoclickers/scripting
  2. We were doing an update on the server and your drip was in that 1 minute window where the server was shutdown/starting up.

How do I make sure my drip doesn’t go in the midst of an update?

  1. We are deploying a cluster with shared sessions, so we can do transparent updates without any downtime. We may need to go offline for a few minutes, a few times before that happens. Check twitter for that.
  2. If you have a particularly large drip, you might want to check twitter if we are in the middle of an update. We will inform you even if we are going down for a minute.

Does this mean every time i drip, I need to check twitter first?

No. This is only an issue for a about a day till we deploy our cluster with shared sessions. After that all server updates will be transparent to you and you wont lose your drips.

Why is my capacity higher than my score?

This is because of the reason above. The score is stored in firebase and capacity is stored on our server. Before this update, firebase would not update your score with your drip, but we would update our database to increase your capacity.

This should no longer be the case moving forward since this fix is now deployed.

Btw, our twitter is :

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