Extensions: Good vs Bad

So since the last post, I guess we should clear up whats considered cheating and whats not.


  • Anything that auto clicks anything things is bad.
  • Anything that tries to manipulate your score is bad.
  • Posting scores manually to our server using a standalone client is bad.


Anything that gives you more info is considered ok.

We are not banning extensions altogether.

Here is some random info…

A lot of people want a fuller leaderboard. We are still debating whether its useful enough or not, so…

The api to fetch a leaderboard is:


It works for anonymous users.

Here is some random code

    public class LBData
        public final String name;
        public final Long score;
        public final int rank;
@RequestMapping(value = "/l3/game/lb", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public GameReturnData fetchGameLeaderboard(@RequestParam String name) 
    GameReturnData returnData = new GameReturnData();
    returnData.lb = gameService.createLeaderboard(name);
    return returnData;

I will leave the rest upto your imagination.

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