DripStat Spring 2018 RoadMap

We have a ton of new things coming to the DripStat Platform this quarter. That includes 2 brand new products and huge updates to existing products.

2 New Products

1. Browser Monitoring

Measure your frontend performance. From Single Page Apps (SPA) to static pages, get deep insights on the load of every page.

2. NodeJS APM

Monitor your NodeJS Applications. Our high fidelity APM will now support NodeJS!

Huge updates to existing products

Existing product lines will receive huge updates

Java APM

The Java APM agent will receive updates to:

  • Support latest version of all existing frameworks/drivers
  • Docker Support
  • Database Connection Pool metrics
  • WebSocket monitoring
  • Java 10 support

DripStat Infra

Huge update for Infrastructure Monitoring coming.

  • Integration with 25 different databases and infrastructure tools
  • Docker container monitoring
  • AWS Cloudwatch monitoring
  • Inventory Management and Exploration

Launch Date

All of the above should be launched in this quarter (2nd quarter 2018). We will let you as each of the above gets released.

Our aim is to provide you the deepest level of insight in your infrastructure. With the upcoming updates and new products we hope to push that to a whole new level!

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