DripStat now the next gen Scala APM

With the release of Agent 7 today, we are now a full fledged Scala APM!
We now support both Play and Spray frameworks with all the full feature set of DripStat.

Previously on DripStat:

Our previous release with limited Scala support had the following basic features working for Play and Spray Frameworks:

  • Show request as transactions to show correct response times and throughput.
  • Capture asynchronous activity, to show things like calls to databases, external services etc that happen asynchrnously

Starting today:

Today however, are bringing Play and Spray framework support to the highest level of functionality. So in addition to the above, you get:

Asynchronous Segments in Transaction Traces

All Transaction traces will now show times spent in various asynchronous calls. This is supported for both Scala and Java frameworks.

Exception tracking

Uncaught exceptions in Play and Spray frameworks are recorded. Http requests that return with an error will be indicated so in dashboard.

Environment detection

The correct version and port of Play and Spray frameworks will be detected and shown in the Environment tabs.

Much Lower Memory Overhead

If you ran into memory overhead issues with the previous one, be sure to try this version. We have greatly reduced the overhead.

Next Steps

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