DripStat now monitors your SQL

Today we have released version 3.6.0 of the DripStat agent that monitors the SQL related performance of your applications.

SQL Panel

There is now a dedicated SQL panel which shows the details of SQL activity in your app.

The SQL Statements tab shows how your various SQL statements are performing. You can see the response time and throughput of each and even see which transaction spends the most time in each. This allows you to instantly drill down to the piece of code that needs optimization.

The SQL Operations tab gives you an overview of SQL database activity and breaks it down by individual operation, ie INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE. This is again very useful if you want to know if most of your time is spent doing INSERTs or SELECTs for example.

All other panels are SQL aware

All other panels are now aware of SQL related activity in your app.

The Transactions panel shows the amount of time spent in each SQL operation in each transaction.

The Application Overview panel shows the amount of time your application spends in SQL queries vs all other tiers.

Privacy and Security

Making sure sensitive data isn’t transferred has been a priority for us while we made this feature. Thus, we only collect the ‘Database Operation’ and ‘Table name’ from your SQL queries. Thus, for a statement like INSERT INTO customers VALUES (val1,val2); we will only collect the following data:

  • Database Operation: INSERT
  • Table Name: customers

No sensitive data is ever transferred to us.

Other changes: RestX support

An up and coming framework, we have added support for RestX framework since version 3.5.1.

We will have even more stuff soon. Don’t forget to upgrade your agents and Keep Dripping!

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