DripStat Level 5

This is the biggest update we have made to DripStat so far!


Now you can see the response time and throughput of your transactions!image

We currently support Spring MVC, Spring Boot, JAX-RS and Servlets. More frameworks will be supported in the future but this should cover a vast majority of the users.

Refreshable UI

Previously hitting the ‘refresh’ button took you back to the list of applications. Not anymore. Like a good web citizen, the URLs can now be shared and the UI behaves as expected in a web browser. Read details.

DripStat Agent 2.0

We advice everyone to upgrade to DripStat Agent 2.0.0 to get the new features.



Jelastic, a  Platform as a Service, is now a partner of DripStat. You can add DripStat monitoring to a Jelastic JVM with just a single click!

DripStat game - New Powerup and Game Mechanics

For the first time ever, we are putting in a new powerup: Spring Framework.


However, there is a bit of a twist. Spring Framework needs to be unlocked by each user before they can buy it. To unlock Spring Framework, you need a 'Spring Bean’. Spring Beans need to be 'mined’. A Spring Bean is mined by connecting a JVM that actually uses Spring Framework. Each such JVMs will mine a bean every 24 hours and also give you a Boosted Drip of 10% than the usual 5%. The first bean mined goes to you, the rest go to the 'Global Mine’. 
The 'Global Mine’ is for people who dont have a JVM connected. If you see a Spring Bean available, you can grab it and unlock Spring Framework for yourself. 
We hope you like the new APM features and the new game mechanics.
Keep dripping! 
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