DripStat Infrastructure Monitoring is here!

Today we are finally releasing DripStat Infrastructure Monitoring!

Infrastructure monitoring lets you see one system level stats like CPU, Memory, Disk, etc. Combined with the DripStat APM, this gets you the most detailed 360 degree view of your systems.

The new 'Servers' tab in the UI lets you access it.

Slice and Dice across Dynamic Infrastructure

We described this in detail when we announced the preview a few months ago. Essentially DripStat EXPLORE technology allows you to Slice n Dice through data of multiple hosts in real time with a single interfact.

This makes it easy to compare and pin point root cause of your issues across your entire infrastructure.

Detailed Per Process Stats

We have since also added extremely detailed 'per process' stats, which allow you to see per process:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Thread Count
  • Instance Count
  • Disk I/O
  • File Descriptors


DripStat Infrastructure monitoring will be priced separately from DripStat APM. However, it is completely FREE through all of August. We will be putting up a separate pricing page shortly.

Whats Next

We will be adding a ton of features very rapidly to DripStat Infra in the next few weeks. Expects lots of updates to the UI. However the Infrastructure Monitoring Agent is extremely stable and has been tested heavily, so go ahead and use it in production.

Keep Dripping!

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