DripStat Infra now FREE. Leave No Server Un-Monitored!

As we said in our last post, DripStat Infra would be priced separately from DripStat APM. We have been mulling over that price. We have decided.

The price is:


Will this be just a basic version of other commercial Infrastructure monitoring products?

No. We are serious about this.

Our current product already shows more detailed server metrics than anyone in the competition. It also allows you to compare slice and dice server stats across your infrastructure in a way no other product allows.

In the upcoming weeks, you will see a bunch of updates including:

  • Support for all databases, queues, and any other infrastructure software
  • Pull AWS CloudWatch metrics into DripStat
  • Highly customizable, detailed Alerting on all the above

and a lot more...

Trust us you won't need to pay for Infra monitoring again.

But I am using an open source solution...

Really.. Why bother with setting up and maintaining clunky, unsupported open source solutions, when you have a full featured, fully supported SAAS solution for FREE.

But.. is this sustainable? How will you make money?


What this all means

This means you can deploy DripStat Infra on every single server you own. Whether its production, staging, dev or your personal machine. There is no need to leave any server un-monitored.

Infrastructure Monitoring is now free for the world!

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