DripStat Infra - Easier Install Options

We are introducing 2 new ways to make it easier to install DripStat Infra:

1 - One Line Install

Just paste one line in your terminal and that's it!

DS_LIC=MyKey bash -c "$(curl -L https://infra-install.dripstat.com/install.sh)"

2 - Ansible

We have published the dripstat-infra role to Ansible Galaxy, which allows you to install DripStat Infra easily from Ansible.

ansible-galaxy install Dripstat.dripstat-infra

Use it in your Ansible playbook with the DripStat License key, eg:

- hosts: myServers
  - {role: Dripstat.dripstat-infra, become: yes, ds_lic: "MyKey" }

Next Steps:

To access these and other manual ways to install DripStat Infra, click the 'Servers' Tab at the top of the dashboard:

Remember, DripStat Infra is FREE! And now it takes just one line to install!
Dont leave your server Un-Monitored.

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