DripStat gets Transaction Traces

So what are Transaction Traces?

Transaction Traces allow you to pinpoint, down to the exact line of code, what exactly causes any transaction in your system to slow down.

How it works?

If any call to your transaction crosses a certain threshold (1s by default), the DripStat agent will collect and send the full stack trace and performance details of each method.

Viewing Traces

In the ‘Transactions’ view, you will now see ‘Traces’ tab. Clicking on it will show you the top 5 slowest calls in the time range you are viewing.

Click on a ‘Trace’ and you will see exactly what happened in that particular call.

The ‘Trace Summary’ tab shows a quick overview of the top 5 slowest methods in the trace.

The ‘Details’ tab shows a tree view of the various method calls and the time spent.

You can even view the entire stack trace of each call.

How to enable Transaction Traces

Just upgrade to DripStat agent 4.0 and thats it!

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