DripStat Agent Update - 8.0.10

Easier to stay up to date

We now publish a dripstat_agent-latest.zip with each release. It always contains the latest version of the DripStat Agent. You can point your automation scripts to it and always get the latest agent release.

The zip contains a version.txt file which contains the exact version of the Agent.
The dripstat_agent-<version>.zip is still available for each release if you want a particular version.

Custom Instrumentation using Config File

Now you can add instrumentation to your code using just the DripStat Config file, without the need to manually annotate your code using DripStat Agent API annotations.

There are 2 new properties in the config file: customInstrument.txns and customInstrument.txnSegments . Specify a fully qualified class and method name and it will be instrumented as custom transaction or transaction segment depending on the property chosen.


customInstrument.txns= com.acme.FirstJob.run(), com.acme.SecondJob.run()

See documentation for details.

Better Spring Boot support

Dependent Libraries are correctly detected for Spring Boot embedded jars and shown in the 'Environment' tab.

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