DripStat Agent 7.2.25 improvements

Easier to monitor multiple JVMs on single host###

We have made it easier to monitor multiple jvms on a single host.

Now you can specify the location of the dripstat config file and log directory on the command line. So you don't have to create a separate copy of the dripstat folder for each jvm process.

The system properties are:

  1. dripstat.configFile = path to config file
  2. dripstat.logdir = path to log directory


java -Ddripstat.configFile=<configFile> -Ddripstat.logdir=<logDir> -javaagent:dripstat.jar <...other arguments>

PostgreSQL support improvement###

We now instrument more of the PostgreSQL driver. This results in more accurate timing of the time spent inside Postgres.

If you use Postgres, its highly recommended that you upgrade your DripStat agent.

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