8 best plugins for using Atom with TypeScript

Atom is the best editor out there for TypeScript. Here are some plugins to supercharge your webapp development with Atom and TypeScript:

1. Atom-Typescript

This is the most up to date and best Typescript plugin out there for any IDE. For more details, check out our TypeScript editor comparison.

2. Local Server Express

Creates a local server so you can actually run and test your code in a browser. This is so essential, it really should ship by default with Atom.

3. Emmet

Emmet is designed to allow easy editing of html and jsx/tsx files with tons of html specific editor shortcuts.

4. Gulp control

Allows controlling Gulp. the highly popular Gulp build tool, directly from within Atom.

5. Pigments

Any line in a css/scss file containing a color value will be highlighted by that color.

6. Colorpicker

A colorpicker for use in css/scss files.

7. Sass-autocompile

When you save your .sass or .scss files, they will automatically be compiled to .css.

8. Merge conflicts

Resolve git merge conflicts directly inside Atom.

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