Application metrics get more detail

We have now rewritten the 'Application' -> 'Overview' panel to take advantage of DripStat EXPLORE. This means there is a ton more detail for Application stats.

JVM level slice and dice

Updated charts

Charts are bigger in size. Async segments are shown directly underneath sync segments.

'Relative to Average' view

The highly popular 'Relative to Average' view is now available for Application stats too.

Redesigned Per JVM view

Charts occupy the width of the screen. Charts no longer start from 0, thus giving a better idea of change of values.

Trends for your application can be seen. Trend for each layer is shown in the graphs too.
See how your application performs on various times of the day and days of the week.

Scalability graph

See how your application scales with throughput

Redesigned 'Hardware' view

Charts are now bigger in size and provide more clarity

Next Steps

These charts are now live for everyone. If you have a non-Pro account, check out the Live Demo area to see all the charts described above.

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