An update a long time in the making

So today after a couple weeks of delay we are finally delivering the biggest update to DripStat since its inception. So whats actually in the update?

Security. Security. Security!

The biggest changes are behind the scene. We have reworked the entire architecture of the game to make it super secure so that bots and hackers cant give themselves all the powerups instantly. While this may be invisible to most users, it required building a huge backend from scratch and rewriting a huge portion of the client side code.

No more lost drips or artificial limits

The new backend code means you wont see those lost drips that you collected for many days. We have also removed all the artificial limits we had previously put as a quick measure to stop cheaters since we didn’t have a fully secure backend previously. 

Clusters give more BPS

We heard your complaints about the clusters and now they give a lot more BPS than GPUs, so you will find them worth the price.

Goal changed

Ok, this one is mainly due to javascript’s limitations. Apparently javascript's number type cannot accurately deal with numbers larger than 9 PB in bytes and this was causing a ton of issues.  So instead of 100 PB, we have reset the goal to 9 PB for Level 3. This also means we have reset some of the progress, but that was mostly by cheaters anyway.

The global progress score is reset to a little higher than the 100TB dripped from the last level, so in a way you carried forward last level’s global progress.

But why not more features?

A couple weeks back we had a tough decision to make. We could continue adding more features to the game, but we realized that the cheaters were basically killing the game. When we initially released the game we had no idea so many people would take so much interest in it and definitely not to the point to hack it. 

So for a while it was an arms race between us and the hackers as we would try to try to put a quick patch as soon as we found someone had exploited yet another hole. Sometimes these patches involved us hardcoding a limit in the game. This is why some of you would see your drips randomly stop after reaching a certain BPS or why drips higher than a certain amount simply wont go through.

I was literally losing sleep since every time I would wake up, somebody would have hacked the system in a new way.

We knew rewriting the backend would take time and it could potentially turn off a lot of players due to it. But the other option was to let the hackers take over the game and have it die anyway. So we bit the bullet and played the long ball to get the fundamental mechanics of the game working correctly.

Coming up

Now that we have the new architecture in place, we can iterate on the game very, very rapidly. Expect to see more powerups and more features releasing in days, not weeks. This is the longest, most exhausting update to DripStat there was and will be. 

Thanks for sticking with us through the tough times We wont let you down anymore.

Keep Dripping.

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