All New Application Level Metrics

We have completely redone the UI for all the metrics shown at the application level. They now take advantage of DripStat EXPLORE technology.

1. Throughput broken down by callers

When seeing the Throughput of an External Service, Database or AWS call, it is now broken down by the transactions calling it.

2. JVM filtering for every metric

All application level metrics now allow filtering by JVM

3. New chart types for every metric

Every metrics now has:

- Per JVM chart

- Relative to Average Chart

- Trend charts

- Scalability graph

All charts are now larger in size and relative in scale where possible to give a better sense of how values change over time.

4. Overview panels for every metric type

For every metric type, on opening its tab, we will present an 'overview' of the metrics.

For database metrics, an overview of individual 'Operation' types will be shown too.

5. New Transactions View

The Transactions view now has all the 'insanity' level of detail we previously introduced for 'Pinned Transactions'.

6. Ultra fast

The UI for Application level metrics is now ultra fast, responsive and highly robust.

Next Steps

You can check all this out right now in your dashboard. If you have a non-pro account, check out the Live Demo area to get the full feel of everything!

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