A Refresh-ing Update

Before today, when you hit ‘refresh’ in your browser inside the DripStat APM, you would be redirected back to the initial list of apps. This was a bit frustrating and it also meant that sharing URLs was useless, since we would always redirect you to the root of the UI.

Starting today, that is no longer the case. 
  • Hitting ‘refresh’ will no longer break the UI. 
  • Copy/pasting APM URLs works as expected and will get you to the same state you were at.
  • We have also made a ton of UI tweaks to improve the APM experience.
While this is not the major update (which is coming up shortly), it is a crucial one to improve your overall DripStat experience.  That said, the next update will the be the most important update we have done to both the APM and the game since launch, so hold tight! 
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